The Last Jedi!

Backpackers and efficient budgeting travelers from all around the world (we are not gonna call you low budget traveler ;p), this is a good news for all of you!! Our low cost room is finally available for rent. With a big size and comfy bed, airy room with not only one, but two big windows,…

What They Said?

So, after 4 months we’ve already host many people, hang out and talked, shared stories et cetera. We are so happy to meet them, the world is indeed full of interesting people. But, are they happy to see us?  Lets see Now, lets meet up!!

List of Homes

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Coffee by Kozi

We are also known as Kozi 2.0, a branch of Kozi Coffee Company. Why coffee? Because we love everything about them. From the roasting process, the art of brewing and pull an espresso shot, and of course we love to serve them to you, and having a great coffee experience together.

Welcome to Budaraa, Your New Home

Someone said that to travel is to go away from home, to learn something new, to meet nice people, to gain great experiences. But how if? You can get all of the above, but instead going away, you’ll come to a new home?